We were asked to create an adult party game


While the sales of adult party game jumped by 138% in 2016, most of games in this category are basically developed around the same concepts as Never Have I Ever or Card Against Humanity. To pander adult audiences, some adult games even throw in vulgar content so they could squeeze themselves into the “adult” game market.


People do not limit themselves to home when playing games anymore. There is a growing number of adult spending game night in social spaces like bars, restaurants and breweries. Bars which try to have packed weekday nights prefer to host game nights as it could bring in 30-65% additional revenue per night

Target Audience

Young adult age 21-35 who are a supporter of local business and a player of trivia night.

Game Concept: LINGO

Lingo is the first social puzzle designed for competitive play.


Game Rules

Teams of 4+: Each team has 4 or more people play together.

Coasters numbered 1-4 with pictures and words: Gameplay is based on coasters given to players when they get a drink at the bar. Each of the coaster (card) has a set of pictures and words which hide preset answers.

Find the combination to form the answers: The sets are identical for every team in the bar. Teams with more than 4 people will receive duplicates of one or more coaster. As soon as the Lingo host reads a category prompt, the team must hunt for a combination of words and pictures from their coasters to answer the prompt.

Time limit: Lingo is played in 6 themed rounds with 3 questions per round. Teams have 3 minutes to figure out their answers to each question and write them down while a song plays. Teams must submit their answers to the host for scoring at the end of each 3-question round.

Business Model: Subscription

A subscription model is ground-breaking in the game industry as it helps to maintain long-term success. Bars and entertainment companies which currently host game nights would subscribe LINGO for 10 weeks at first. Each subscription comes with updated theme, categories, and questions that keep players interested.  A standard subscription contains enough coasters for 15 teams of 4 people each. There is also a customized logo of the bars at the back of each coaster, so bars are welcome to promote their game nights using the remaining coasters.


To test the market, Lingo will be launched in Richmond as game nights are popular there is potential for future expansion through restaurants which have multiple locations in Virginia


Lingo can also live in newspaper next to crossword puzzles and the collection of games could be printed into puzzle books.

Team: Emily Hudson, Colin McCool, Chelsea Sams, Lareina Liu (We are all brand managers)