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Turn an eight-year-old girl with a field hockey stick into a Marvel superhero


The current political climate is widening the divisions which have existed in this country for centuries again. Marvel needs to create a new character that can explore global societal issue, and empathic enough to bridge the the differences – different people, different backgrounds, different worlds.


Today we are still struggling to view the world with understanding, empathy, and respect. Our children, our youth, and our future of the country who have been affected by the discourse shown in media need to understand the right way to communicate and solve problems.


Marvel’s new character will communicate the idea that understanding and empathy are the cornerstone for solving problems to children.


Clara Tapia, an eight-year-old Mexican-American girl, is our new Marvel hero. 



As a speaker of the dead, Clara could use her power to pull spirits through the objects of their former life, recruit them, or even borrow their ghostly powers for a time. But Clara can't force her will on the spirits. Instead, she must convince every ghost she summons to help her in the adventures.



Shady Grove, the Netflix animated series, target at children up to the age of 8 who usually watch television shows with their parents. While children are learning how to solve problems through empathy and understanding from Clara, parents will also be enjoying the intertwining stories between Clara and other classic Marvel superheroes.

After wielding the field hockey stick, Clara meets her first phantom friend Mr. Withers. He was murdered by the field hockey stick decades earlier and now he turns to Clara to bring his murders to justice.

As they get closer to the truth of Mr. Wither’s death, they also realize there are much more mysteries behind Shady Grove (the neighborhood where they live) waiting to be revealed. In the course of the adventure, Clara will uncover why so many former superheroes and S.H.I.E.L.D agents have retired to her suburban streets. With the superpower, Clara is not only the bridge between supernatural and natural world but also the bridge of a mutant S.H.I.E.L.D.-agent mother and non-mutant Mexican immigrant father.