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Launched in 1980 as a Japanese prestige beauty brand, SK-II nowadays is P&G’s prestige line of skincare products and the leading skincare brand in Asia.


SK-II had realized a trend that its consumer base is getting younger in China’s market, shifting from mature women age 30+ to young women age 20+. Although China’s market has been responded very well since SK-II adjusted its marketing plan to younger women, SK-II is worried that its original consumer base might feel neglected or even betrayed along the way.


To balance the tension between attracting new, younger consumers (young women age 20-30) and maintaining its relationship with loyal brand enthusiasts (mature women age 30+).

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A few years ago, SK-II discovered a crucial cultural insight that Chinese women’s perception of beauty is heavily influenced by cultural norms. Not only do they have to face age-related pressure, they also need to deal with societal judgments, such as “being single after 30 is shameful”.

As a brand which is dedicated to inspire and empower women, SK-II launched the campaign #ChangeDestiny in 2015 and this theme has been continuing. 

To further the success of #ChangeDestiny and to discover a more inclusive message which can resonate with two groups of women, we studied how these two groups view #ChangeDestiny. For young women, they know they have destiny in their hands but they are scared to make a change. They need to believe in their capability. For mature women, the changes they’ve made during the early stages of life matters a lot. They need acknowledgment and celebration. 

Although these two groups view #ChangeDestiny differently, most of them arrived are on the same page about defining beauty — self-confidence. They think beauty is a self-confident feeling coming from within. Self-confidence is also the key to changing one’s destiny. Changing destiny actually means taking the first step. People who are more self-confident are more likely to take the first step. And they are more likely to jump out of the cycle of current culture, motivating a small group of people to make the changes.

SK-II has been telling Chinese women what their current status is and where their destiny should be, but it never specifies how they could get there. The answer is self-confidence, which is the first step Chinese women need to take in the journey of changing their destiny.

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Change begins with self-confidence


Shift SK-II from inspiring women to being a truly ally.


Self-confidence is the first step Chinese women need to take in the journey of changing their destiny.